Service Turn Around Time

You have the choice of two service levels when booking a service request with us:

Standard Level

We book your job and place it in a queue. Service requests are then tackled by our team of technicians based on their position in the queue. We are acutely aware of the need to turn around jobs as quickly as possible. We are quite fast at what we do and what usually holds us back is the occasional wait for parts to arrive from the various suppliers. We regularly turn around jobs in a few days. So in effect, the standard service request is completed on average between 3 to 5 working days subject to parts availability and our ability to replicate the fault. There is no additional charge for this service level.

Priority Level

Under this level, you essentially jump the queue at each stage of the repair process. We book your service request and immediately hand the job over to a technician who drops any task at hand and carries out a diagnosis on your laptop. Should a part be needed, it is ordered straight away. Once the part is received, your job is immediately worked on, tested and returned the same day (if testing is successful). Note that part delivery times could range from an overnight delivery to several weeks, depending on availability and the supplier’s location. So in effect, the service request takes place as soon as feasible and takes precedence over other repairs booked under a standard service level. A Priority Fee of $125, collected upfront, applies for this level of service and is not refundable in the case of delays in part sourcing.

We will DO OUR BEST to perform the service within the time indicated in the above levels, but we do not accept any liability whatsoever if we do not meet the advised date. The above estimates are a guide only as many factors can affect the time it takes to complete the service request.