Couriers Packing Instructions

Please follow the steps below to ensure the safe delivery of your computer to our service centre:

  1. Back up all your data and retain copies of all software applications before sending your computer to us. During the process of repair, some or all your stored data may be lost.
  2. Completely shut down your computer (no activity on the Hard Disk Drive light) and remove all connected cables and USB devices
  3. Pack your computer in its original box or in a similar well-padded and strong box. Make sure that the computer fits comfortably to avoid damage to the box and consequent damage to the computer (please specify in writing on the Service Request Form if you want your box back). The weight of the box must not exceed 5kg and the box dimensions must not exceed L 50 cm x W 40 cm x H 20 cm or additional charges will apply. Note that a computer bag or carry case do not offer enough protection during transportation and should not be used
  4. Use plenty of strong cushioning material such as bubble wrap to prevent movement of the items within the box and to absorb pressure and knocks (do not use shredded paper or similar material as they offer no protection from impacts)
  5. Write the word FRAGILE (or place a sticker) on the box 
  6. If the fault is power related, include the computer’s power adaptor. Loop the cables loosely between your fingers and place the power adaptor in the box. Do not use the cable to knot tie the loops, do not crimp the cables and do not store the adaptor or any other item where it could put pressure on the laptop screen
  7. Include the recovery discs if available. Do not send other accessories such as laptop bag, mouse and software applications unless we specifically request those items
  8. Include a completed, signed and dated Service Request Form

Thank You 
Customer Service Team

Please note that we are not liable for any loss or damage caused during transportation (including but not limited to consequential loss). It is your responsibility to sufficiently package your computer to avoid the risk of any damage during transportation. You must make your own arrangements for insurance if you deem it necessary.