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Spare Parts Enquiry

In addition to being a repair centre, and offering competitive deals on a range of computers and accessories, and small electronics, Lapyking specialises in the sales of spare parts. Whether our spare parts are ordered new or taken out of a working laptop, they represent very good value and savings for our customers.


Lapyking is an authorised parts reseller for Samsung, HP and Asus spare parts.

Most of our spare parts are available in the shop, so they can be shipped straight away. The rest can be ordered from our suppliers, in this case, it will take a few more days.

If you would like to purchase any spare parts, please click here to go to our Ebay store. Alternatively, please fill out the form below. We will reply to you ASAP either with price and availability, or with the link to purchase it.

Spare Parts Enquiry Form

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